Disability adds different challanges to life in lockdown

By April 17, 2020 Disability, Family, NDIS

Lockdown has had a massive effect on all Australians and their lifestyle. For people living with a disability that lifestyle has been hard-won as it has taken time, discipline, resources and time to achieve aspects of everyday life other Australians take for granted.

Social distancing has made it difficult for many with a disability to rely on the community resources that help them with social and mental health, shopping, and recreational activities.

Families with children with special education needs are used to finding resourceful ways of getting buy but are finding current circumstances particularly challenging.

These are families with poorer physical and mental health, to begin with, they earn less, have higher household costs, and often have higher amounts of relationship breakups and family separation. Living with a disability means that these families resilient people, but just toughing it out, may not be enough to keep things together over the coming months.

The NDIS provides funding for people living with a disability, but at Kompletecare we have found cases where that funding is not being maximised to provide for the needs of the recipient, placing pressure on family budgets and resources.

The help I received from Adrian with our NDIS review was fantastic! He helped me to be able to put forward a clear, concise application for a review of my sons inadequate NDIS funding . We received our review with outstanding success, receiving all we asked for I could not recommend them more highly. – Amy

Our team puts care before profit, and are passionate about finding the right services, assistance and funding to make life a little bit easier for people living with disability and their families.

If you are struggling, or know someone who is, call our rapid response line on 08 8265 5696

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