Health, Hygiene or Hugs

At a time when you are unable to care for your own wellbeing, our personal care workers can assist with the challenges you are facing now.

What does Personal Care mean to KompleteCare and our Team Members?

Just as it says, care which is personal and in every way.

Tailored specifically to your needs, giving consideration to all factors surrounding the challenges you are facing. Our goal is to help you to continue living independent in a place you call home.

Whether you are highly dependent on around the clock support or if you just need a little help around the home occasionally, we will develop a care plan which will help you to live a dignified lifestyle, as independently as is possible.

It’s not just about the physical stuff.

Assistance with dressing, food preparation and eating, washing and all personal hygiene related activities are some of things people ask us to provide as part of their plan, however we know that emotional and psychological support is important too.

We imprint the importance of having empathy for you and your situation into every team member working for KompleteCare. This allows them to help you make choices from care options that meet your personal needs from every point of view.

Essentially, our personal care options aim to help you or your loved one to live a dignified lifestyle, as independently as is possible.

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