Groceries and food are essential items, so the NDIS has made some changes to ensure all participants can continue to receive them throughout COVID-19. With many support workers now unable to accompany participants to the supermarkets or shops, it’s now possible to use your NDIS uinding to cover the cost of having items delivered to your house – in this article we explore how.

If your disability prevents you from doing your own shopping, you’re now able to have it delivered to your home and use your NDIS’ Core budget to pay for the delivery fee. It’s important to note that this only covers the cost of delivery, not any of the groceries themselves.

In order to claim the delivery fee, you must either be Plan Managed or self-managed. Fortunately, if you are NDIA managed the NDIS has also made it easy to switch to Plan Managed as part of its COVID-19 response.

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