When it comes to helping friends and family members in wheelchairs with tasks, it’s easy to assume they need help or even worse, do nothing through fear of awkwardness or embarrassment. That’s why we love Daniella from Daniellability so much, she is always got some great tips on how to help with a wheelchair, without the cringe factor.

Consider that my chair is about the same width as the doorway, in most cases, there is not enough room for both you and me. So here are some tips.


  • Reach over to allow me to go under your arm
  • Put your back against the door, there is not enough room for me to fit through without running over your toes.

Instead, walk to the end of the door you are holding open and stand in line with the open door.

Thanks Daniella, these are just little things that help remove the awkwardness around helping out our friends and removing the little issues that can cause embarrassment.

If in doubt on how to help a friend with access and mobility tasks, don’t be shy to ask how you can best help. The question may feel like a stupid one from your point of view but for someone confined to a wheelchair, they will appreciate that you have not assumed what they need and cared enough to find the appropriate way to help.